Pet Ultrasounds in Locust Grove, GA

Elevating Pet Care with Ultrasound for Dogs and Cats in Locust Grove, GA

We use a variety of advanced diagnostic tools to provide the highest standard of care for your pet, including ultrasound. Since we are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, our veterinary team is available around the clock in Locust Grove to perform ultrasound procedures, both for routine and medical situations. With ultrasound for dogs and cats, we can broaden our evaluation of our patients’ health and conditions and develop a more comprehensive treatment plan to meet each pet’s individual needs.

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is an imaging technique that uses soundwaves instead of radiation to view the body’s internal structures and systems. The soundwaves bounce harmlessly off the soft tissue organs, relaying a real-time, moving image of the organs to a computer screen for viewing. We mainly use ultrasound to examine the abdominal organs, but we can also view the heart. Our veterinarians perform all abdominal ultrasound and echocardiogram procedures here in-house, but we can consult with a board-certified radiologist if needed.

What Conditions in Dogs and Cats Can Benefit from Ultrasounds?

Ultrasound is a useful tool for monitoring pet pregnancies, but it can do so much more. With it, we can evaluate the function of the abdominal organs and the heart, and assess the shape, texture, and size of the organs. We often use ultrasound with fine needle aspirate procedures to help make a targeted sampling of tissue, as well as for performing serial evaluations over time to monitor changes in tumors/masses, and heart function.

Does My Pet Need to Be Sedated for an Ultrasound?

For most pets, sedation before an ultrasound procedure is not necessary. However, we may recommend it for fidgety pets, and we always recommend sedation for fine needle aspirate procedures.

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