Pet Surgery
in Locust Grove, GA

Caring for your pet like they’re our own and keeping them safe is always our highest priority, especially when it comes to pet surgery here in Locust Grove. Woodland Animal Hospital uses the best medical and monitoring equipment to make sure your pet is healthy, stable, and comfortable throughout their surgical procedure, and while they’re recovering. We are also committed to making sure you understand your pet’s procedure and have the information you need to provide the appropriate care at home to help them recuperate.

Your Pet is in Safe and Caring Hands

To ensure the highest level of safety for your pet during surgery, Woodland Animal Hospital employs the following protocols:

  • Before your pet goes into surgery, we perform a pre-anesthetic exam and run bloodwork to evaluate organ function.
  • Your pet will be connected to an intravenous catheter to receive fluids, so they can stay hydrated and maintain a healthy blood pressure throughout surgery.
  • Our surgical table is heated during the procedure so your pet can maintain a safe body temperature.

Our surgical team uses ECG for monitoring heart activity, along with a blood pressure monitor, CO2, pulse oximeter, and other monitoring devices to ensure your pet is safe

Pet Surgeries We Perform

Our veterinarians can perform a variety of general and more complex soft-tissue surgeries, including:

  • Spay and neuter (link to spay and neuter page)
  • Soft palate resection
  • Removal of sebaceous adenomas (warts)
  • Stenotic nares surgery
  • Ocular (eye) surgeries
  • Mass/lump removals
  • Foreign body removal
  • Splenectomy
  • Pyometra surgery
  • Laceration repair
  • Aural hematoma

What to Expect on Your Pet’s Surgery Day

Woodland Animal Hospital takes every precaution to ensure your pet’s safety before, during, and after their surgery. Click below for a full list of instructions and information on what to expect on the day of the procedure.

cat and dog

After Surgery

Even after your pet’s surgery, while they’re waking up from the anesthesia, our team will continue to watch over your four-legged family member. We want to make sure they are comfortable and waking up safely, with minimal stress. Also note that we may send you home with additional pain medication to make your pet’s recovery at home much easier.

Get the best care for your best friend.

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