Vet Services

Comprehensive Care

Woodland Animal Hospital offers only the most innovative and convenient vet services in Henry County.

We happily offer the following convenient vet services:

  • General Pet Wellness – We have comprehensive wellness services to keep your pet healthy and happy. Come to our facility any time, day or night, for these vet services.
  • Pet Boarding – We offer the best pet boarding service available in the veterinary industry with our standard and luxury options, which include dog boarding and boarding for cats.
  • Cat & Dog Bathing – Although we love them dirty paws and all, sometimes our pets need a little freshening up. For this reason, we offer soothing pet baths for dogs and cats.
  • Pet Dental – Dentistry is one of those vet services many pet parents overlook. However, proper dental care is an important part of your pet’s overall health and wellness.
  • Medical Services – These vet services encompass everything from internal medicine and pain management to digital radiology and diagnostics. Discover how we can help your pet today!
  • Veterinary Surgery – Surgery is one of the most common vet services we offer here at Woodland Animal Hospital. Our vets can perform routine spays and neuters and even the most intricate operations.
  • Pet Vaccinations – Immunization is one of the most essential vet services available in the veterinary industry. Be sure your canine and feline companions are current with the recommended vaccines.
  • 24 Hour Vet Services – We realize the need for quality pet care doesn’t only occur during “normal” business hours. Luckily, Woodland Animal Hospital is always open for your convenience.
  • Emergency Service – Here at Woodland, we not only offer the best emergency care in the veterinary industry, but we also offer it 24 hours a day, every day, weekend and holiday.


Contact us here, or call us at 770-467-3140 at anytime if you have any questions or concerns regarding our vet services.