Emergency & Critical Care

What is emergency and critical care?

Just the thought of a pet emergency is both stressful and emotional. Here at Woodland Animal Hospital, we would love nothing more than to see our emergency care medical services go unneeded. Unfortunately, emergencies do happen, often at the most unsuspecting or inconvenient times. In these times of emergency, our skilled staff is ready and able to offer your furry friend the best care possible. Aside from our high-quality staff and equipment, our medical emergency care services are also available 24 hours every day, weekend and holiday. This being the case, you can feel less chaotic in critical times and more confident in the care your pet receives during an emergency.

From trauma and heart failure to seizures and toxin ingestion, Woodland Animal Hospital’s Veterinary team is ready and more than capable to address any feline or canine emergency. With a veterinary staff on site 24 hours a day, along with complete diagnostic capabilities, critical care ICU, specialist consultations and complete surgical facilities, no one is more prepared to care for Henry County’s pets—day or night.