Veterinary Surgical Services

We conveniently offer the following surgical services

Feline Declaw

If you have a cat who lives exclusively indoors and continually scratches you and furniture, you may consider our feline declaw services. The procedure does leave cats in pain for a short time time post surgery. On the other hand, we discourage against declawing cats who have any chance of investigating the outside world, as their claws are crucial to their defense. However, if a feline declaw is the right choice for your cat, we offer the most precise technique and procedure to reduce wound size and the discomfort that follows the surgery.

To declaw your cat, we must remove an entire bone called the unguicular process. This bone, which is located at the end of each toe, is what produces the claws or nails. So, in order to halt regrowth, we must remove it entirely. Along with the best surgeons and methods available for your pet, we also utilize the most effective combinations of pain control available in modern veterinary medicine in order to ensure your feline friend is as comfortable as possible throughout the healing process.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Surgery that is unrelated to the bone (orthopedic) is referred to as soft tissue surgery. To provide Henry County’s pets with the most advanced veterinary services available today, Woodland Animal Hospital offers soft tissue surgical services. With the most cutting-edge equipment, from our operating beds to our surgical instruments, along with the most skilled veterinarians in the area, your pet will have the finest surgical care available here at Woodland.

Soft tissue surgeries may include lump removals, foreign object removal, pyometra, spleenectomy, laceration repair and aural hematoma. Our highly experienced veterinarians can answer any questions regarding the potential need for soft tissue surgery on your pet. Beyond this, we understand how scary it may be to put your pet through any type of surgery. We will provide unsurpassed support to ease any anxieties you may have, along with information regarding care for pre surgery and post surgery.