What is pet ultrasound?

When most people think of ultrasound technology, they tend to associate it with pregnant women getting a glance of their unborn child on a monitor. But at Woodland Animal Hospital, we use ultrasounds for many purposes, such as finding tumors or harmful fluid within the body. Ultrasound is an essential veterinary technology we use for diagnosis in internal medicine.

So, what exactly is ultrasound technology? Well, ultrasonography is the technique of imaging the internal structure of the body without any radiation. Instead, ultrasounds utilize sound waves for imaging. As crazy as it seems, sound waves are emitted from a small handheld tool, called a transducer. These sound waves bounce off the organs before being sent back into the transducer. Finally, this small tool sends the image created by these sound waves to a screen for viewing. This non-invasive and painless tool is often used alongside x-rays for diagnostic purposes. Being sure to always have highest level of equipment, our ultrasound technology is completely digital. This enables us to easily send pets’ internal images to radiologists for speedy consultations and prognoses.