Pain Management

What is pain management for pets?

Knowing your pet is in pain is extremely distressing. We never want to see our furry family members in any kind of discomfort, and we’d do anything to make it go away. What’s more distressing is that our pets often can’t communicate their pain to us right away or in a clearly defined manner. If you think there’s any chance your pet may be struggling with pain, our veterinarians are extremely experienced and skilled in pain management and can offer options that can improve the wellbeing of your pet. As animals, our pets often instinctively try to hide their pain—whether it is acute pain, which comes on suddenly as a result of injury or surgery, or chronic pain, which often develops slowly. It’s important to recognize some possible signs that your best friend is hurting. These signs could include:

  • Being unusually quiet or unresponsive
  • Whining, whimpering or meowing excessively
  • Biting
  • Excessive licking or chewing at a particular part of the body
  • Acting out of character, aggressively or submissively
  • Flattening ears against the head
  • Hiding
  • Reluctant to move
  • Having trouble sleeping or eating
  • Seeking more affection than usual
  • Unable to get comfortable
  • Trembling